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What are the top reasons why people stay in unhappy marriages?

No matter where a couple lives, in North Carolina or elsewhere, marriage tends to be more than the cliche "happily ever after." Staying together is hard and isn't always the best decision. Still, many men and women will remain in their marriage and avoid divorce. 

But why? If someone were to ask you before getting married, "Are you okay with being unhappy?" what would you have said? Hopefully, most don't walk down the aisle thinking that they won't find happiness in their marriage. One might hope, too, that most would leave a marriage that no longer is in their or their family's best interests. 

Husbands and wives responded to a survey about reasons to avoid divorce. The following were some of the top reasons why the respondents claimed they would remain unhappily married:

Fear of being alone and fear of being lonely

Fear that they are too old to get a divorce and move on

Fear of losing their family home

Fear of financial struggles

Fear of divorce's impact on the kids

As you can see, the common denominator in the above-mentioned excuses is fear. That is the number one reason to avoid a divorce, according to the study. Men and women claim to simply lack courage to go through with the major life change.

Deciding to file for divorce and change a family in such a way is a big decision. Discussing one's situation with a family law attorney can help clarify any areas of confusion or fear and perhaps help someone make the bold choice to seek happiness through divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Study Shows Couples Are Unhappy, But Too Scared To Split," July 18, 2013