Use of Social Media in Charlotte Divorce Proceedings

If you are going through a divorce, anything that you post on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter can have a negative impact on the outcome of your divorce. It is important you consider the consequences of posting anything on the Internet and what the outcome would be if your statements would be introduced as evidence in Court.

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Family Law and Facebook

As the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter continue to increase at such high rates, it is important to understand that everything you do online, including sending emails and messages, leaves a paper trail which can be recovered with the use of proper technology, even if it is deleted. Through discovery, your spouse’s attorney can collect and preserve your posts and statements made online. Examples of posts that may be damaging to your case include:

  • Status changes in Facebook
  • Inappropriate pictures or statements concerning or impacting your children
  • Photos of yourself and another person with whom you are having a relationship
  • Photos of yourself drinking at social events
  • Disparaging comments about your soon-to-be ex
  • Email messages that you would not want your spouse to know about
  • Information about your assets

Just as your posts can be damaging to your case, any information your spouse posts on the Internet may be damaging to his or her case. For this reason, our attorneys recognize the importance of gaining knowledge and evidence by calculatingly following spouse’s social media posts and records.

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