Sticky Fingers…As Criminal Charges Linger*

Sticky Fingers…As Criminal Charges Linger*

Okay, so there you are at the mall. You see it on a low shelf. It’s inexpensive – no one will miss it.

Perhaps you’re having a tough day; you’ve gotten away with it before; you’re stressed out – kids, family, etc. Or, perhaps you’re going thru a small mid-life crisis of sorts – and you just want a quick thrill. No biggie, right??

Finally, you think to yourself, “Heck, why not just take it…no one’s looking – and I’ll just pay for it if I get caught…” So, you quickly stuff that bracelet, the hat, Christmas ornament, (or even a sandwich) into your pocket as soon as the girl at the cash register turns her back – then, you coolly walk out of the store thinking to yourself how thrilling it was that you got away with something without paying for it.

Then…all of a sudden…BAM!!


Please don’t learn the hard way as our clients often do. Recently, Mark Jetton received a (common) call from a client who was going through some personal issues at home. Up until this time, the client had a clean record. The client contacted Mark after stealing a sandwich that he easily could’ve paid for from the food court at the mall.

Following the incident, the client had a warrant for his arrest. The client’s mug shot was posted online for all to see. And they were given a criminal charge from the court for Misdemeanor Larceny.

However, (very luckily for the client) they had Mr. Jetton on their side. Yet again, Mark was able to work his magic at court on the client’s behalf – and all charges against this “Sandwich Caper” were dismissed.

So, next time you see that inexpensive item at the store and no one’s looking…before stuffing it in your pocket – please remember these wise words:

Sticky Fingers…As Criminal Charges Linger

*Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. Prior results do not guarantee any future outcomes.</h5>

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