Chris Brown In Custody And Support Battle

Chris Brown In Custody And Support Battle

North Carolina fans of singer Chris Brown might be aware that he has been in a custody battle with the mother of his daughter. The mother of one-year-old Royalty said that, due to his drug use and association with gangs, Chris Brown’s access to the child should be restricted. She requested that Brown only be permitted visitation with a monitor present.

However, the judge rejected the request, and the child support order will remain. This means that Brown will still be able to spend 12 days each month with the child, and no monitor will be necessary.

The child’s mother has also requested an increase in the amount of child support Brown pays. She has asked that the amount be increased to around $16,000 monthly from the $2,500 per month he currently pays.

There are circumstances under which one parent might request a change in child support or custody. For example, if a parent’s income drops due to job loss or for other reasons and that parent is paying child support, it may be possible to get the amount owed modified. If the parent who pays support has an increase in income, the parent receiving support might request an increase in the amount as well. A parent might also request a change in custody if they have evidence of abuse or behavior such as alcoholism or drug addiction. Children, depending on their age, might also have some input in which parent they primarily live with. It might also be necessary to alter a custody arrangement if one parent is relocating. In any of these cases, a lawyer may be a good resource of information on how to apply for modifications.


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