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Petty Larceny Defense Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

Larceny is taking personal property of another and carrying it away without his or her consent. This must be done with the intent to permanently deprive him or her of the property, with the knowledge that he or she did not have permission to take it. If the fair market value of the property is worth less than $1,000, it is a class 1 misdemeanor under North Carolina law. Conviction of larceny can carry a jail sentence of up to four months.

Larceny is charged as a felony if the property is worth more than $1,000, or if the property taken was an explosive, firearm or record of paper in the State Archives of North Carolina. Larceny can also be charged as a felony if the property was taken directly from the person, or committed during a burglary. If convicted of larceny, you may face from four to eight months in jail.

Our lawyers provide personal, hands-on legal services and aggressive representation against such charges and other theft crimes, including:

  • Obtaining property by false pretenses
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Shoplifting or altering price tags
  • Concealment of merchandise
  • Removal or other circumvention of anti-theft devices
  • Identity theft
  • Burglary and robbery

We understand how conviction of a felony or misdemeanor can impact your life, now and in the future. We will help protect your rights, including fighting for a dismissal or reduction of charges where all elements of the crime charged have not been shown by the prosecution.

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