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Most aspects of a divorce decree cannot be changed once a divorce is finalized. However, when it comes to child support, child custody and child visitation, modifications may be appropriate and approved by a family law court under certain circumstances. Modifications to spousal support may also be called for if one or both spouses have a significant change in income or financial needs.
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If your current child support arrangement does not reflect the reality of your or the other parent’s situation, it may be possible to have the payment amount modified. In order to do so there must be a demonstrable change to a parent’s economic situation or the needs of the child.

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You may seek a change in child custody and/or visitation because of relocation of one or both parents. If you have primary custody of your children and wish to move out of state or out of the area, you may need to demonstrate to a family law court that the move is necessary and in the best interest of your child or children. For example, an increase in income for you because of a new job may give your child or children new advantages and opportunities. The best interest of your child will serve as the guiding principle in your child custody and visitation modification case.

Likewise, you need sound legal advice if the other parent of your child seeks to relocate and you wish to protest the proposed modification.

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