Alternative Divorce Options


What Are Some Alternatives To Divorce?

There are a few alternative options to divorce in North Carolina: uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, and mediation. When many North Carolina couples decide that it is time to end their marriage, they may assume that they will have to go through the litigation process. However, there are options available for couples who do not want to go through a traditional divorce.

Uncontested Divorce in NC

If the couple can work together, one option is to go through an uncontested divorce. If the process is successful, reaching a settlement can take just a few weeks and cost very little when compared to divorce litigation.

Collaborate Divorce in NC

Another option is a collaborative divorce. During the collaborative divorce process, each party hires a legal team that helps them reach an agreement. The legal team usually includes an attorney and a financial adviser who help the couple decide how to split up the financial and physical property.

Divorce Mediation in NC

A third alternative to litigation is mediation. Here, each party of course has the right to have their own attorney, but sessions are guided by a neutral third party who has training in the process and who may or may not be an attorney. Agreements can often be made within several weeks' time versus several months.

Negotiate a Settlement Agreement with the Help of Our Team

The divorce process can be long and arduous if the couple cannot come to any agreements regarding custody, spousal support, or property division. In such a case, litigation may be necessary, but the costs can be prohibitive in some cases. In addition, couples risk exposing their young children to the discord that often accompanies the process. As a result, some couples might be better off having their respective family law attorneys attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement.