Jetton & Meredith Parking Instructions

817 E Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202
Parking Lot Entrance:
The entrance to our parking lot is conveniently located on the right-hand side of the front of our building. Look for signage indicating the entrance. Pull up to the gate where a keypad is located on the drivers side (See picture to the right for reference). 
Gate Access:
Our parking lot is gated 24/7 to ensure the security and safety of our visitors and staff. Prior to your meeting, your Jetton & Meredith contact will provide you with parking instructions and the entry code for the gate. Alternatively, you can call our office number upon arrival to receive the gate code.
Designated Parking:
Please park in spaces designated for Jetton & Meredith guests. In the event our primary parking is full, additional overflow parking is available behind the lower parking lot.
Directional Signage:
Follow the signage directing you back to the front of the building. A member of our team will be available to assist you further with your visit.
Exiting the Parking Lot:
To exit, use the gate located at the back of the parking lot. This will lead you onto 5th St, which is a one-way street. Please drive safely.
Contact Information:
For any assistance or inquiries, please contact our office at (704) 931-5535.
Additional Notes:
Please observe all posted parking signs and adhere to the parking guidelines.
In case of any changes or updates, you will be notified promptly.

Building With Side Gate
Map To Office