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*These testimonials or endorsements do not reflect all of the feedback the firm has received.  Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

“I retained Mark Jetton in the summer of 2017 for a DWI, which was not my first one. The officer pulled me over because I had blown my horn while sitting in traffic. The officer proceeded to give me a breathalyzer test, which I refused, and resulted in a warrant to have my blood drawn and taken to jail. I honestly didn’t think that I stood a chance since this was not my first DWI and would, for sure, lose my license and most likely, serve jail time. Given the above mentioned history, I knew I had to be smart about choosing an attorney. After speaking with several different ones, I chose Mark because, not only did he have a phenomenal track record, but he was very confident that he could argue that pulling me over for blowing my horn was not probable cause; therefore, would get my DWI case dismissed.

In the end, he did EXACTLY what he said he would do and more. ALL charges were dropped, including the refusal to blow with the DMV. He was continuously available for me and my family for any questions or concerns while consistently easing our fears during the entire process. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, and my decision to follow my gut instinct that day to put my future in Mark’s hands. Mark Jetton and his team are truly the BEST, for which I will forever be grateful.”

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Your hard work, tenacity and dedication to your practice is hard to find in any line of work not to mention in the legal field. You obviously went above and beyond the call of duty in defending my case. I can’t imagine that many attorneys would spend the amount of pre-trial work.I also appreciate the very strong argument you presented to the judge and DA on my behalf during the trial. I damn sure did not see that kind of effort from any other attorney in the court room yesterday.I realize we still have some obstacles ahead of us, but I am confident we will work our way through them.”

“I retained Mark Jetton to handle a case for my minor son. It was a difficult case and a conviction would have resulted in enormous inconvenience and been very costly. Mark interacted with the prosecutors and the case officer and evaluated our situation from their prospective. Afterward Mark met with my son and I and unveiled his legal strategy. He precisely detailed how he felt the various personalities involved would react to the evidence and testimony. Then he told us what pre- trial steps to take and when to be prepared to come before the court. The case evolved exactly as Mark predicted, given that we would closely follow his advice. Ultimately all charges were dismissed. Mark was incredibly impressive and effective as he navigated us through the process. Anyone needing an attorney in Charlotte would be smart to first go to Mark Jetton.”

“Mark Jetton was an exceptional attorney. I live out of the town (four hours away); however, working with Mark was as if I was in Charlotte. He returned phone calls in timely manner and kept me updated on the status of my case. He is very personable and easy to talk to about your situation. Unlike another attorney that I contacted to handle my case, he actually listened. When Mark stated that he would do something, he did just that. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Mark Jetton did an excellent job handling my case from start to finish. I needed someone to be my advocate, someone who had my best interest at heart and someone who would work hard for me to achieve the best result possible. Mark displayed this attitude always and was a consummate professional throughout the duration of my case.”

“Mark was able to use his valuable experience and know how in handling cases such as mine to achieve a complete dismissal for me. I could not have asked for a better result and it would not have happened without Mark’s hard work and dedication to me as a client.”

“No matter the relative magnitude of the case, I highly recommend Mark Jetton and all the great people at Jetton & Meredith, PLLC.”

“This law office, Mark in particular, far exceeded my expectations. All options and possible outcomes were set before me from the start and everything was handled in a professional and timely manner. Not only will I use this law firm again, I would and have already recommended them to the people I care most for. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

“Mark Jetton was amazing to work with. I went to him about a month before my first scheduled court date. I had many questions, concerns and issues. He continued my court dates until I felt reasonably comfortable with the outcome. Mark was thoroughly upfront and honest with me about the possible consequences and outcome. Throughout the six months I worked with him I had many more questions and each time I left him a message he returned my call promptly the same day. Although my case was a challenge, he looked for every way to win. He had an amazingly positive attitude. At the time of my court date I trusted that he would do everything and anything he could. He argued my case and won!! I am so grateful to him for his dedication, effort and hard work. THANKS MARK!!!!!”

“MARK JETTON was my lawyer and he was recommended to me by a friend. He was professional and experienced and I received the Best Possible Outcome for my situation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services and will always pass his name along to my friends and family. 🙂 THANK YOU MARK!!”

“I had an excellent client experience with Eric Meredith at Jetton & Meredith, PLLC. Communication was straight forward and void of legalese. Eric is a good listener and asks clarifying questions that confirmed that he was listening and on my side. I would not hesitate to seek his counsel and representation in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone seeking or requiring legal representation. The office staff is personable, respectful and welcoming. Great team!”

“I was introduced to Mark Jetton through a friend. I called him to help with a traffic violation. I spoke with his office and was immediately reassured that Mark and his staff would assist me and get my violation dismissed. After the case was dismissed Mark personally called to reassure me that everything was settled to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend Mark and his practice. He was extremely easy to work with, gets results, and personally cares for his clients.”

“I am pleased what your firm has accomplished for me and have used them twice. In addition, I have recommended your firm to various other friends of mine whom in one case I know for sure have used you.”

“Awesome Service!! After contacting several attorneys’ offices I am SO happy to have chosen Jetton & Meredith! They made it so easy and assisted with a traffic violation with awesome results. I received many updates and my mind was at ease. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!”

“Mark Jetton was awesome!!! I would refer anyone with a pulse to this firm!!”

“Eric Meredith took the time not only to call me back himself when I left a message but he scheduled a consult with me that fit my crazy schedule and helped me to understand exactly what my legal rights were while going through this divorce. I met with several other attorneys and not only was I rushed but felt like I left there with more questions than answers. Eric kept me informed throughout my case right until the end. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process, considering the situation. I would recommend Eric Meredith to anyone in need of a dedicated, on-his-toes attorney ready to fight for his clients!”

“I found Eric Meredith online and when I called in I was able to speak to him on the phone and schedule a consultation that was convenient for me. When I met with Mr. Meredith he assured me that even though this was a difficult time in my life, he would walk me through it and any questions I had he would answer. My case I thought in the beginning was going to be long and horrible and with Eric’s help and determination I was done and 100 percent satisfied with the results in just a few months. If you are looking for a hardworking, dedicated attorney who is aggressive and cares about his clients then Eric Meredith is the attorney you should call. I would highly recommend Jetton & Meredith to any of my family and friends!!”

“We came to Mark Jetton with a complicated case of “he said, she said.” He was very upfront with what to expect at court, but also very reassuring with what he would be doing for our case. I was impressed with how quickly he returned our calls and how he always made time to see us during office hours. Through hard work and determination, Mark was able to get our case dismissed. I could not be happier with my experience, thank you!”

“Mark Jetton was fantastic to work with. Worked hard, kept in touch, and I ended up having an immediate positive result. Mark jumped right into my case and made sure to work through every detail for the justice I deserved. The whole process was very calm and collected and never once did I feel like my case was at risk. I would highly recommend Mark to any close friends and family!”

“I cannot stress enough how great the customer service was with Jetton & Meredith, with my case being a little more complicated I had the opportunity to work with both Mr. Jetton and Mr. Meredith. I can say they know their stuff, Mr. Jetton was able to get my case dismissed the first time we went to court, no questions asked. Working with Mr. Meredith was a longer process but he walked me through the steps and gave me realistic expectations of an outcome that he was able to provide just as he stated he would do. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to hire Jetton & Meredith as my attorneys, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of an attorney!”

“Mark Jetton is a down-to-earth, straight-to-the-point attorney who just gets it! He made me feel like the moment I walked through the door he was 100 percent about me and my case’s needs. His understanding of the law and explanation to me helped me to understand every step of the process. Mark getting my case dismissed was only proof that he knew what he was doing and helped me to get my life back on track. I would recommend Mark Jetton to anyone in need of a criminal attorney!!”

“Both Eric and Mark are great guys and great lawyers. Always responsive and looking out for my best interests, Eric helped me take care of a divorce. Should I need legal services again, I won’t be going anywhere else.”

“When my son, a college student, had a misdemeanor charge brought up against him, he and we as parents were extremely worried about how this could affect his future – job prospects, credit, etc. It did not matter that the reasons for the charge seemed trivial and that he had an otherwise spotless record to date – it was still a potential charge and black mark on his records. I used my workplace legal benefits plan to research local lawyers and decided to contact Jetton & Meredith for their Charlotte roots and understanding of the law as is applies locally. After our first meeting, I was confident we made the right choice in lawyers. Subsequently, Mark Jetton kept us personally informed throughout the process until resolution and followed up again after. Jetton & Meredith understood how to work with our Legal Group Plan (a real time and money saver for us). Result: Mark Jetton was able to get the charges dismissed and my son’s record remains clear.”

“Mark Jetton is hands down … lawyer that I have ever worked with! He is very efficient, honest, knowledgeable and caring. He was able to get my case completely dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Jetton.”

“I needed the services of both Eric and Mark. Eric assisted me with my divorce and Mark helped to get the false charges against me dropped. I highly recommend both of these gentlemen for any legal services you require. They both have the highest of standards and work very diligently for their clients. The office staff is very professional and the rates charged were reasonable. I carry their business cards in my wallet for future use, and I will not hesitate to call them if their services are needed again!!”

“Got a speeding ticket on Saturday, hired Mark on Monday and got everything taken care of by Tuesday with no need to appear in court (Yes!). Seriously one of the … lawyers in Charlotte. Hire him or Eric before they can’t take any more clients!!”

“I never thought an attorney would give me and my family such personalized attention. Mark helped me and my daughter for several traffic cases and we came out the better for it each time. He and his staff handle everything over the phone, efficiently and effectively. I can’t believe we found him. He treats you like a person and not just an hourly rate. Thanks Mark for helping my daughter and I!”

“I am new to Charlotte and found Mark Jetton through a lawyer referral service. You never know what you are going to get with one of those things and I consider myself very lucky! I had some paperwork issues that led to me getting my license revoked, never a good thing. One phone call with Mark is all it took to get everything straightened out. Given the amount of hassle and money that he saved me by fixing this, his fee was VERY reasonable. It was SO easy to work with him, great guy, did exactly what he said he would in just the amount of time he said it would take. I would definitely use him again.”

“Mark Jetton is AMAZING!!! He could not have made my bad situation any easier for me. He and everyone I came in contact with at the firm were all highly professional, friendly, and supportive. The price for representing me on my charge was very fair. He always stayed in contact with me making sure I knew each step of the process and worked very hard to help me out. His efforts, ability, and hard work were so notable that after he WON my DWI case, four people who were in the courtroom approached me outside and asked me his name. The research and knowledge he displayed was far greater than what I expected and I will never go to another firm should trouble find me again. Thank you Jetton & Meredith so much for making a bad situation better for my children and me!!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this firm for whatever legal issues you are facing!!!”

“Jetton & Meredith were highly recommended to me by another lawyer who could not take my case at the time. I am one of those who needed the services of both Mark and Eric. Their entire staff was very professional, friendly and helpful. My calls and emails were returned quickly. I would recommend Mark & Eric to anyone who wants great legal service. Thanks for the excellent service!”


Mark and his staff were fast, proficient and very professional. I would recommend Jetton & Meredith to my closest friends and colleagues. Mark handled my ticket quickly with just a phone call.

“I called Mark Jetton only two weeks before my scheduled court date, and he was still able to handle everything with professionalism and the attention it needed. I will always return to Mark and his firm if I ever have a need for his services. Highly recommend!”

“Mark Jetton resolved my case quickly and efficiently. Calls back to give case status, and knows his way through the complexities of the legal system to provide the best outcome. This is an excellent young law firm and I highly recommend them.”

“While visiting Charlotte, North Carolina, I unfortunately received an Underage Drinking ticket. I’ve never been in trouble like this before, so I realized I was in need of a good lawyer. Well, I found one! His name is Mark Jetton, and everything he promised he delivered. Mark kept me up to date on everything and returned my calls and emails as quickly as possible. Mark’s quality of service exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful for all of his help.”

“Will definitely be my choice of attorney from here on out!!!”

“Mark Jetton was absolutely wonderful to work with. Accessible, hardworking and efficient. I highly recommend Jetton & Meredith.”

“Great service and very personal. Mark Jetton is a very hardworking attorney. I will recommend Jetton & Meredith to anyone in need.”

“I highly recommend this firm. I had a speeding ticket (way over the speed limit). They took care of the issue very quickly. I was very pleased with the service!”

“I was blown away with how wonderful Mark Jetton and his team were. They were very helpful and kind, and most importantly got my ticket taken care of and off my record within a few days. Hands down … lawyer I have used. I hope to never get a ticket again, but if I do I will without a doubt call Mark Jetton and his team.”

“Absolutely love their service and they are very easy to work with. I highly recommend them.”

“I highly recommend Mark Jetton. Everything was taken care of quickly and they kept me updated with everything. My ticket was dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone!”

“I received a traffic citation and a friend highly recommended me to Mr. Mark Jetton. I faxed him the ticket and then called to verify that he received the fax. They confirmed that they received the fax and assured me that he would take care of the citation for me. Less than a week later the citation was dropped, well before the actual court date. A lot can be said for good communication and having the peace of mind knowing that the issue will be taken care of ASAP. Mr. Jetton will continue to get my business, and I will be sure to recommend him to my friends.”

“Prompt, thorough, understanding and knowledgeable, are only a few of the adjectives that describe Eric. Fabulous lawyer, highly recommend for any family law cases!!”

“I met with Mr. Meredith several months back right after my wife walked out on me, I had no idea what the first steps to take were or what to do. When I first called the office the staff was very pleasant to deal with when I left a message for Mr. Meredith. What first got me was that Mr. Meredith actually called me back himself and spoke with me. Once I met with Mr. Meredith he went through the divorce process to where I understood what my legal rights were, the divorce process and what I could expect in the next few months to come. This was a difficult time in my life but working with Mr. Meredith made it easier to understand and get through. I would highly recommend Mr. Eric Meredith to anyone in need of family law services.”

“I went to Mark Jetton with a DWI and not only did he meet with me personally, he was reasonable with his pricing and clear with the results to expect. He was able to get my DWI dismissed and made this bad situation as easy as possible for me. I would recommend Mark Jetton to anyone. He will get the job done.”

“Eric and Mark are two of Uptown Charlotte’s most professional and caring lawyers who have depth of knowledge and compassion for each of their client’s circumstances. The office is conveniently located close to courthouse and their success in fighting cases is obvious due to their growing reputation in town. Highly recommended!!!”

“Mark was very professional and helpful in answering all my questions. Called a few other attorneys prior to calling Mark and felt the most comfortable with him.”

“Our son needed attorney representation. Mark visited with him in jail, then represented him with his legal mess. 2011 was a very bad year for our family with legal problems and traffic citations. In conversation, Mark mentioned that he handles traffic issues. We had used another attorney, but decided to let Mark handle frustrating traffic citations. He must have a big fat wand, he quickly took care of these issues with positive results. Mark is reasonable, fast, and brings positive results to his clients. Mark makes time for his clients and he cares. In our situation, he has taken time to speak with the family of his client. Jetton & Meredith attorneys are a new positive for the Charlotte area, we gladly share this positive news.”

“Being new to North Carolina I was at a loss when I needed to find a lawyer in the Charlotte area. I was recommended to the firm Jetton & Meredith. Mark Jetton met with me immediately once I contacted him. He made me feel very comfortable and I was able to share with him the personal details of my case. He worked very quickly to resolve my case in less than two months. I would highly recommend Mark and his firm.”

“I cannot be more pleased with the services provided by Mark Jetton. I contacted several law firms, and I am so grateful that I chose Jetton & Meredith. After discussing my case with Mark, I felt very confident that he was the right man for the job. I am amazed at how quickly he got my case resolved. Mark Jetton is a strong, very thorough attorney. To anyone who is in legal trouble with speeding, DWI, or other driving violates, please do yourself a favor and contact this attorney. Not all attorneys are the same, this guy is who you need to talk with. I work out of town and would be out of a job without my license. I still have my license and never missed a day of work thanks to Mark Jetton. Thanks again, Mark!!!”

“Recently, we found ourselves in need of an attorney to represent my daughter, who attends college in North Carolina. Because we reside in New Orleans, we faced the difficult challenge of finding someone who would be trustworthy. After speaking with Mark, contacting the state bar association, and finding nothing negative, we decided to hire Mark to handle my daughter’s case. The entire process was handled quickly and in a very professional manner. Mark was very understanding and assured us that he could handle the unfortunate predicament my daughter was in. The entire process took less than two weeks, and we now find ourselves relieved and grateful that Mark was able to help us. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone needing an attorney in North Carolina and would especially recommend him to college students who need help with any type of legal matter.”

“We want to SINCERELY THANK Mark again for the excellent manner in the way he handled our granddaughter’s situation who is in college studying to be a Paramedic. She had received a citation, her first, due to very emotional circumstances following a death and could not afford to have this on her driving record given her intended profession following graduation. Mark was very reassuring and helpful in this out-of-state matter. He took full control of the matter and ensured an expeditious conclusion that was most appreciated. We would highly recommend this firm in the future for anyone who would have such a need.”

“Life Saver!! I had a case in Union County going on three (YES, three) years where I was the plaintiff for ED, Custody, and Alimony that had cost close to $… in lawyer bills because of the my ex-wife’s lawyer’s tactics. My ex’s lawyer has very bad reputation in court and has poor working relationships with most lawyers in the area. After using two other lawyers who were railroaded, hiring Eric Meredith was the best choice I could have made. He is a straight shooter, very capable, and can get through a lot of the BS that other lawyers in the area cannot. He was able to push through an agreement that, after three years, no one else could get done. He handled the other lawyer and even got in a few jabs to boot. I would recommend Eric to anyone who would ask me. He is knowledgeable of the laws, both statewide and local, and is very aggressive. Anyone getting Eric would be ensured of having someone on their side.”

“I recently used Mark Jetton for a DWI that I received this summer and needless to say I was extremely scared about the outcome. Unfortunately, I also had a past conviction as well. Mark fought hard for me and was able to win my case and get me off of my DWI conviction!!! He has also helped my friends and family members with traffic tickets as well. I was also impressed with his reasonable fees. He’s a great lawyer and would highly recommend him!”

“I contacted Jetton & Meredith in regards to traffic summons. Mark Jetton handled it quickly and efficiently. I had no worries and had no extra paperwork or money to pay. He was able to deal with the situation and contacted me when completed. Thank you!”

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Eric Meredith for seven months after separating from my husband of 20 years. From the first meeting with Eric, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and driven to help me navigate through this very difficult time in my life. With Eric’s guidance, I was able to make what I felt were the best choices possible for me at that time. Eric was both kind and understanding and provided honest feedback regarding my case. He returned my calls in a timely manner and was reasonable in regards to his rates. I would highly recommend Eric and his firm to anyone in need of an attorney.”

“I have recently used Mr. Mark Jetton on my court case. Even though I gave him no chance to prepare, by notifying him the day before. He was well-prepared, and got my case dismissed. That is what I look for in a lawyer and I was very pleased with his representation. Mr. Mark Jetton is and will continue to be my lawyer.”

“I never imagined that I would have to set foot in an attorney’s office after only four years of marriage. To be honest, the thought of consulting with an attorney intimidated me. I searched for family law firms in the Charlotte area, only to find myself completely overwhelmed. Tasha Beard, a high school friend and the legal assistant for Jetton & Meredith recommended I meet with Eric Meredith to discuss my particular situation. After my initial meeting with Eric, I felt relieved. It was evident that Eric possessed a thorough understanding of the legal system, knowledge he openly shared to ensure that I understood my rights and options. As we spoke more specifically about my priorities and concerns, I was comforted by Eric’s obvious passion for his work, his personable demeanor, and his genuine interest in my well-being and the well-being of my son. I had no doubt that I wanted to work with Eric through the divorce process. From our initial meeting to the signing of the divorce papers, both Eric and Tasha gladly answered all of my questions in a timely fashion. I am more than satisfied with the services and support from Jetton & Meredith, and I highly recommend the firm to anyone in need of an experienced attorney.”

“Jetton & Meredith is a great law firm to use. They were always able to give me information right when it was needed and I never had one problem with them. If you are in need of a law firm that is going to serve you right, Jetton & Meredith is the route to go!!”

“I spoke with several attorneys prior to making my decision on who I should hire for my case. After speaking to Mr. Eric Meredith the decision was easy and my mind was put at ease. His knowledge of the law and concern for my rights revealed he was different from the others. Once we met, I knew he would be a strong advocate for me. He made himself readily available, and kept me up to date and informed throughout the entire case. I received the outcome we were best hoping for and I know that is only possible due to the dedication Mr. Meredith had to my case. I would recommend any friend or family member who was in need of a family law attorney to him.”

“OMG!!! These attorneys are AWESOME. Mark Jetton got me money when my neighbors’ humongous dog bit my poodle. The vet bill was $… and my neighbors refused to pay until they met up with Mark Jetton. Once he took my case, I had the money owed plus interest within a matter of no time! These guys are professional and thorough. They really care about their clients and go to bat for them. They come highly recommended by me. Anyone working with this law firm is in great hands. GO JETTON & MEREDITH!!!!!!”

“Right from the start, I felt comfortable with Mark. We talked about my son, his background, how he was doing in school, what sort of activities he was involved in and such. After representing us in court, Mark called and told me that he was able to get both charges dropped. Apparently, just like he said he would, he was able to convince the court that my son was indeed just a good kid who had a bad experience. What a relief this news was. I think his straightforward, honest approach in handling this case was remarkable. I was amazed, not only for the way he handled things, but for the fact that he personally called me to tell me what had transpired. I suppose he could have had his secretary call, or could have just sent some form letter or such, but he took the time to personally call me. That’s the sort of thing that sets him apart. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone needing legal representation. Should I ever need legal representation or just advice, I know who to call. He is honest, easy to talk with, and gets the job done. You can’t go wrong with Mark Jetton.”

“In the end Mark not only had my charges dismissed but he saved me plenty of money in the process! He does his job very well. I am only grateful for Mark and everything he has done for me! Mark has proven to be the … attorney for me, and he may be the … attorney for you too!!”

“After wrecking my brand new car and then receiving a ticket for driving too fast for the conditions, I was extremely upset and terrified about would happen. I was also skeptical about calling a lawyer because I had never had to do so before. With all of the stress of being in a wreck and worrying about what that ticket would do to my insurance and driving record, having to deal with a lawyer was the last thing I wanted to do. However, Mark Jetton totally saved the day. Not only did he get my court fees waived and my ticket dropped, but he did so at a reasonable price and pretty much without any of my help. All I had to do was fax over my citation and let him get to work. I am now at ease knowing that there will be no points on my license or insurance, and it is all thanks to the Jetton & Meredith law firm.”

“Our purpose in writing this testimonial is to highly recommend the services of Eric Meredith. If you’re interested in an attorney who is not only knowledgeable and professional but also concerned, compassionate and caring, Eric is the attorney for you. What impressed us most about Eric was his willingness to listen to our concerns, his willingness to develop a plan to meet our needs and his willingness to stand for what is right. Thank you Eric. We will never forget you.”

“Eric’s assistance in my case is greatly appreciated. His level of tolerance, attentiveness and integrity in assisting me was far beyond what I could have expected. He made a frightening, confusing, frustrating and hopeless situation bearable and comprehensible. Thank you very much for your support and service.”

“He [Mark Jetton] made a personal visit to my house after I was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. He spoke with me and put all my worries to rest. He answered all of my questions immediately and was truly there when I needed legal help. He stayed on top of the other party’s insurance company until it released the full policy limit. Unlike most lawyers, he was able to give me a personalized level of service I could not have received anywhere else. I am glad to know I have a lawyer like Mark Jetton for life!”