How A Judge Might Divide A House In A Divorce


People in North Carolina who are getting a divorce may need to divide their home. This can be difficult because the house carries both financial worth and emotional baggage. In some cases, a couple might negotiate an agreement they are happy with, such as one buying out the other. However, if they cannot decide, the issue may go before a judge.

People may not realize that a judge can force the sale of their house. Furthermore, the proceeds of such a sale might be divided based on who has spent more money on the house. Another criterion the judge may use in making a decision about the house is the child’s best interests. This means that if the custodial parent can afford the home, they may be awarded it because it would be less disruptive to the child. The judge may also take into account what other assets must be divided and whether one spouse inherited the home or whether the home has been in one person’s family for generations even if both spouses are on the deed.

If the divorce is amicable, the couple might agree to go on living separately on the property. This may be more likely when there are children. Another alternative is for the children to live in the home while the couple alternates their time there.

A person who is getting a divorce might be particularly concerned about keeping certain assets and may want to discuss this with their attorney. They might want to try mediation to reach an agreement or at least to come closer to an agreement. It is important to try to remain financially secure after a divorce, so people should be wary of rushing through the process of property division and agreeing to give up valuable assets.