Smartphone Apps For Divorce


North Carolina residents who are going through a divorce may be able to make use of one of the many smartphone apps that are available to help divorced couples share information. Most of the apps are designed for divorced parents that need to coordinate schedules and money exchanges while co-parenting. By uploading information into an app, divorced couples can stay organized and resolve conflicts more easily.

A new app called SupportPay was created by a single mother and is available for free. It allows unmarried parents to document and track child support payments as well as other child-related payments such as extracurricular activities fees and medical bills. SquareHub, an app that was created by a divorced father, is a platform similar to a private Facebook group where divorced families can share photos, keep track of schedules on a shared calendar and communicate through text messaging.

Other useful apps that are available for unmarried parents are OurFamilyWizard and 2Houses. Both apps have tools to support co-parenting such as shared calendars and expense tracking. An app called Wevorce can help people who are getting ready to divorce to plan the divorce process. Wevorce surveys people about their impending divorce and then directs them to the divorce professionals that can best serve their needs.

While some divorced parents are able to work out issues with each other after a divorce, others need to have specific court orders in place in order to prevent conflict. A family law attorney may be able to help a divorcing parent to ensure that there is a detailed and court-approved parenting plan in place that addresses as many potential disputes as possible.