Attorney Mark Jetton Reviews Legal Responsibility in Concord Drunk Driver Case with WBTV News

Attorney Mark Jetton

Criminal Defense attorney Mark Jetton discusses North Carolina law as it pertains to legal responsibility in drunk driving cases. The WBTV News story reports on a 22-year-old Concord resident who was charged with felony death by motor vehicle after hitting a construction team, injuring three, and killing one.

“Attorney Jetton explains that “dram shop laws” can keep anyone from serving alcohol to people in order to maintain accountability for the conduct of their guests. This law can apply to restaurants, bars, or “hosts”. The more people that have a responsibility, there are more checks and balances and the overall population is safer”.

You can read more and watch the full story, “Construction Worker Killed by Drunk Driver Coming from Concord Bar; Who is Legally Responsible?” on the WBTV News site.