Spontaneous Racing (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 20-141.3(b))


Spontaneous racing (otherwise known as “Willful Racing”) is different from prearranged racing because of one requirement which is that the race be prearranged. Under N.C.G.S. § 20-141.3(b), it shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle on a street or highway willfully in speed competition with another motor vehicle.

Why is Willfully important in this charge?

  • In order to be found guilty of this charge, there must be evidence that shows a person committed the crime purposely and deliberately in violation of the law or did so without any legal excuse or justification.

Are mopeds classified as motor vehicles?

  • No, under North Carolina law, a moped must have two or three wheels, no external sifting device, and a motor that does not exceed 50 cubic centimeters of piston displacement and cannot propel the vehicle at a speed greater than 30 mph on a level surface.

What is the definition of “highway” under North Carolina law?

  • A highway is the entire width between property or right-of-way lines of every way or place of whatever nature when any part thereof is open to the use of the public as a matter of right for the purposes of vehicular traffic. “Street” means the same thing as “highway” under this statute.


  • Two things can happen simultaneously if found guilty of this charge. First, a penalty for this crime is a Class 2 misdemeanor which can carry up to 60 days in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. On top of that, the DMV can suspend the driver’s license for up to one year.
  • On top of all that, when a person’s insurance receives their driver’s license record, it will tack on 10 insurance points which is equivalent to a 260% increase in a person’s insurance rate.

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