Guns Laws at CTL Airport


In 2023, the TSA in North Carolina airports have discovered 236 firearms in traveler’s carry-on luggage. Which airport has the highest gun discovery? You guessed it...Charlotte Douglas International Airport. It may seem tedious and ridiculous, but always check your luggage for forgotten firearms. In addition to criminal charges brought against you immediately, there are high civil penalties in which the TSA legal department does not take lightly or do they rarely negotiate. The criminal defense team at Jetton & Meredith has years of experience dealing with both.

What type of charge am I facing?

Under North Carolina General Statute § 14‑269(a1), it shall be unlawful for any person willfully and intentionally to carry concealed about his or her personal any pistol or gun except in the following circumstances:

  1. The person is on the person’s own premises; or
  2. The deadly weapon is a handgun, (or)
    1. The person has a concealed handgun permit issued in accordance with Article 54B of this Chapter or considered valid under G.S. 14-415.24, and
    2. The person carrying the concealed handgun in accordance with the scope of the concealed handgun permit as set out in G.S. 14-415.11(c);
  3. The deadly weapon is a handgun and the person is a military permittee as defined under G.S. 14-415.10(2a) who provides to the law enforcement officer proof of deployment as required under G.S. 14-415.11(a).

Additionally, Section 15-14 of the Charlotte, North Carolina Code of Ordinances prohibits carrying a dangerous weapon onto the premises of Charlotte Douglas Airport unless it is for the SOLE purpose of shipping the weapon by air in compliance with federal and state laws. Not only could there be a criminal charge but also a local ordinance violation with the city of Charlotte.

Dangerous weapon under the ordinances includes any object or device designed or intended to be used to inflict serious injury upon persons or property, including, but not limited to, firearms; knives of any kind or type having a blade in excess of 3½ inches in length, except when used solely for preparation of food, instruction or maintenance; razors and razor blades, except when used solely for personal shaving; metallic knuckles; clubs, blackjacks and nightsticks; dynamite cartridges, bombs, grenades, mines and other powerful explosives; slingshots; shurikins; stun guns; and loaded canes.

Wait, I have a civil penalty too?

Yes, a number of people believe that they can let this go and never worry about it. However, the government will restrict your travel and put you on a no-fly list if this is not taken care.

TSA may impose civil penalties of up to $14,950 per violation per person. If this is not paid and you do not respond to their notices, TSA will also assess against you the full civil penalty amount proposed in the Notice of Violation and will refer the matter to the United States Department of Treasury or the Department of Justice for collection of a debt owed to the U.S. government.

All of this can be avoided through what is called an informal conference with TSA’s legal counsel. Jetton and Meredith has skilled experience dealing with TSA attorneys and negotiating the amount almost down to nothing.

If you have been charged with this crime it is important that you speak to a skilled attorney as soon as possible, call the criminal defense team at Jetton and Meredith for help today.