It is not just North Carolina men paying child support anymore


Now, more than ever, women are occupying positions of power in corporate America. North Carolina readers may find it interesting that statistics show that the woman makes more money in 40 percent of American families. This also means that it is not just men who are paying child support anymore.

The custody laws and child support guidelines of most states are not gender-specific. It is no longer a foregone conclusion that a mother will become the primary physical custodian of the children. Logically, it then follows that a father will not automatically be responsible for the primary financial support of the children.

With more women breaking glass ceilings in the workforce, more men are staying home with the children. Mom’s contribution to the family includes financial responsibilities in many of these cases. In addition to an obligation for the financial support of the children, a woman could also become obligated to pay spousal support in the event of a divorce.

Out of every six fathers by 2011 enjoyed full or primary custody of their children. Since 1960, the number of fathers with custody has reportedly increased nine times. Further, approximately 30 percent of fathers are the ones receiving child support instead of paying it.

Regardless of gender, it is always a good idea for North Carolina parents to attempt to work out parenting and child support issues without the intervention of a court. It may be beneficial to have advice and assistance in determining and negotiating what that amount should be. Doing so may help to avoid complications when the court approves the couple’s settlement agreement.

Source:, “More women paying child support, spousal support“, Myra Fleischer, May 27, 2014