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Agreeing On What Child Support Will Cover
Agreeing On What Child Support Will Cover

When North Carolina parents divorce, if their children are younger than 18, one parent might end up paying child support to the other. Usually, the noncustodial parent pays the custodial parent. However, when considering a divorce, both parents might wonder what child ...

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  • Co-Parenting After Divorce

    Many North Carolina parents find it difficult to successfully co-parent their children following a divorce. In many cases, one parent may harbor ...

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  • Paying For A Child's Sport Activity As A Divorced Couple

    For many single North Carolina parents, the cost of a child’s extracurricular activities can be an expense that may be difficult to cover. However, ...

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  • Divorcing Parents Can Choose To Be Civil

    Although negative feelings naturally surround the dissolution of most marriages, North Carolina parents calling it quits must consider how their ...

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  • Mother Of NBA Star's Children Seeks To Double Child Support

    North Carolina residents who follow professional basketball may be familiar with Lance Stephenson. The shooting guard’s high-octane style of play led ...

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  • Child Support Rights For Fathers

    It is no longer uncommon for North Carolina fathers to be awarded primary physical custody of their children. In the past, mothers often took the role ...

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  • Chris Brown In Custody And Support Battle

    North Carolina fans of singer Chris Brown might be aware that he has been in a custody battle with the mother of his daughter. The mother of ...

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  • Jurisdiction Over Child Support Modifications

    Parents in North Carolina who have been ordered to pay child support can petition a court to modify payments when there has been a substantial change ...

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  • Study Examines Child Support And Non-Custodial Parents

    Researchers have collected data about a group of noncustodial fathers who are often derisively referred to as “deadbeat dads” because of their failure ...

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  • The Fairness Of Child Support Laws

    A recently-published study led by two professors at Arizona State University shows that many Americans do not believe current child support policies ...

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  • Child Support Treaty Approved After Sharia Law Scare

    North Carolina residents may be aware that the implementation of an international child support treaty was recently jeopardized by lawmakers in Idaho. ...

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  • Is there a better option to handling missing support payments?

    Generally speaking, when a family law judge awards custody of a child to a custodial parent, the noncustodial parent is then ordered to pay child ...

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  • Can a child support order cover school expenses?

    The start of this month marked back to school time for many children across the nation. From folders to pencils to new backpacks, all of these school ...

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  • Child support matters can be complicated

    When a relationship comes to an end there are many things that need to be taken into consideration by the splitting couple. While financial matters ...

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  • Could both spouses end up paying for student loans in a divorce?

    Numerous Americans, including many here in North Carolina, take out student loans in order to pay for higher education. How these loans are dealt with ...

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  • It is not just North Carolina men paying child support anymore

    Now, more than ever, women are occupying positions of power in corporate America. North Carolina readers may find it interesting that statistics show ...

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