Child support matters can be complicated


When a relationship comes to an end there are many things that need to be taken into consideration by the splitting couple. While financial matters regarding how assets and debts will be divided are obviously important, when children are involved, those matters may be trumped by those pertaining to custody, visitation, and support. Parents who have been through the process can likely attest to this.

While most parents in theory want to give their children everything, not only emotionally but financially as well, where finances are concerned this is not always possible. This is sometimes apparent in matters of child support when a family no longer lives together under the same roof and a custodial parent must seek child support from the other parent.

In the state of North Carolina, a predetermined formula is used to determine how much the custodial parent will receive. This formula takes into consideration a variety of factors including how much time the child spends with each parent. Family law lawyers can often be of assistance while working through this process.

While establishing child support is a big hurdle, support matters do not necessarily end there as issues can later arise necessitating additional legal assistance. For example, enforcement could be an issue if a noncustodial parent fails to make the required payments. In other situations, should circumstances change, a modification of a child support order could be required?

Many people say that their family is the most important thing to them. It makes sense then that establishing the mechanisms that will make it possible for them to provide the care necessary would be paramount. For more information please see our child support page.