January Is A Popular Month To Divorce

People in North Carolina who are considering a divorce after the holidays are not alone. Many people decide that the beginning of the year is the perfect time to file divorce papers. According to one divorce lawyer, January is always the top month for divorce filings. He claims that his office often becomes twice as busy at the beginning of a new year.

Unhappily married people might decide to file their divorce paperwork in January because it is the beginning of the new tax year. Although divorces are emotional events, much of what is decided in divorce court has to do with financial issues. Because divorces can have such a significant impact on finances, it is important for spouses to understand what’s at stake and what they can expect from the divorce process.

Before filing divorce paperwork, a spouse should speak with professionals about the issues involved in their divorce. It is sometimes necessary to talk to a psychologist to make sure that the decision to divorce is being made with a clear head. Talking with a financial planner may help a spouse understand how their divorce will affect taxes, retirement accounts, and complex financial assets like stocks.

People who are facing the end of a marriage may want to speak with a family law attorney even if they have not made their mind up to go forward with the divorce process. The attorney can outline the various divorce legal issues that are likely to have a financial impact, which in addition to property division could include spousal and child support so that the client can be better informed when the time comes to make the decision.

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