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Common Law Marriage and Divorce
Common Law Marriage and Divorce

There are a handful of states that recognize the concept of common law marriage. Common law marriages are valid marriages without the performance of a ceremony or registration with the state. Generally, in order to validate a common law marriage in those states, the couple ...

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  • Social Media Can Be Bad For A Divorce

    North Carolina residents who are going through a divorce may want to limit their use of social media. The overuse of social media can have a negative ...

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  • Avoiding Common Divorce Mistakes With A Simple Checklist

    Individuals approaching or going through divorce in North Carolina may be able to avoid some common pitfalls by checking specific items off a list ...

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  • Pitfalls To Avoid For Divorcing Spouses

    Divorce filings in North Carolina and around the country often surge in January. While the beginning of a new year may seem like an opportune time for ...

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  • Dealing With Emotions After A Divorce

    Dealing with divorce is not something that parents and children may be able to handle alone. That is why it is important for adults to take the lead ...

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  • Divorce Rates High In Older Population

    North Carolina residents may have heard some reports that say divorce rates are down. While the official number of annual divorces has been dropping ...

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  • Pros And Cons Of Getting A Divorce

    Many North Carolina couples whose marriages are foundering are at a loss as to how to proceed. While there may be good reasons for getting a divorce, ...

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  • Avoiding Social Media During Divorce

    North Carolina residents who are considering a divorce might want to stop using social media and be careful with their email and text messages. It may ...

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  • Preparation Is Crucial Before Divorce Proceedings

    North Carolina couples whose marriages are foundering should be ready for the many financial challenges and tasks that come up during divorce ...

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  • Study Shows Men With Full-Time Jobs Less Likely To Divorce

    North Carolina couples may be interested in a study that shows men with full-time jobs outside the home are less likely to divorce. The research, ...

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  • January Is A Popular Month To Divorce

    People in North Carolina who are considering a divorce after the holidays are not alone. Many people decide that the beginning of the year is the ...

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  • Later Divorce And Retirement

    While divorce rates are down overall, some North Carolina couples may be statistically more likely to end their marriages than ever before. People ...

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  • Study Finds Wives More Likely To Ask For Divorces

    North Carolina husbands may be surprised to learn their wives are more likely to ask them for a divorce than they are to ask their wives for one. ...

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  • Waiting to file for a divorce after January could reduce risks

    Family law attorneys in North Carolina are aware of the divorce trends that occur immediately following the holiday season. Statistically, the average ...

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  • Should a woman change her name in a North Carolina divorce?

    It can be difficult for some North Carolina residents to move past the end of a marriage. However, some people choose to view it as a new beginning. ...

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