The Establishment, Modification And Enforcement Of Child Support


High-profile child custody and child support cases gain plenty of attention on social media and traditional outlets as well, A recurring issue centers around the shock many people in North Carolina and around the country feel when it comes to the amount of money being paid for child support in particular cases involving celebrity parents.

The matter of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and his ex, Briana Jungwirth, is a fairly recent example of child support payments turning heads. Evidently, Tomlinson is obliged to pay an amount in five figures every month to support his child, an amount many are quick to note laps what most people earn for a year in income. Bristol Palin is another example of a celebrity getting criticism on social media because of the child support being paid for her son. The father of the child stated publicly that the amount he is required to pay is excessive.

However, child support obligations are relative. In the case of Tomlinson, he is worth upwards of about $50 million and is therefore bringing in a sizable amount of monthly income. In the United States, child support obligations are computed using uniform guidelines. These guidelines indicate a presumed child support obligation based on the incomes of both parents and some other considerations.

Establishing, modifying or enforcing a child support order is best accomplished by an attorney. A child support attorney understands the issues surrounding financial support of a minor child from all angles. A lawyer may be able to assist a parent in needing to establish or enforce a child support order. Conversely, counsel can represent an obligor in amending an existing child support order.