Custody Disputes And Parental Consistency


North Carolina residents who are considering divorce can benefit from remaining united when it comes to rules and boundaries for children. Parents who share custody are recommended to maintain consistency with bedtimes and other routines in both households. From limiting how much time children spend on technology to the media they are allowed to consume, consistency makes it easier to maintain the family unit and help children feel secure throughout the divorce process.

Consistent house rules are important, but they are not always easy to negotiate. When one spouse has more lenient guidelines than another, it can lead to arguments and confusion for the children involved. Discussion is the key to civil negotiation, and parents should try to explain the implications of each rule in the house. This can help both parents remain on the same page when it comes to the child’s well-being.

In situations where one parent refuses to discuss house rules with the other, going to court may prove to be the only option. This is a serious move that should be carefully considered since family court judges require a high level of proof that whatever activity the other parent is permitting is measurably damaging the child’s well-being. Sometimes the best option is for parents to choose their battles and let smaller issues go so that it is easier to hold ground when more important issues arise.

Child custody is a complex legal area that requires patience and expertise to successfully navigate. A divorcing parent may benefit from consulting a family law attorney who is familiar with navigating the court system and could provide valuable advice on custody proceedings. From negotiating visitation arrangements to enforcing court orders when the other parent deviates from them, an attorney can provide a variety of useful services for parents going through an already difficult divorce.