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Modification of Child Custody
Modification of Child Custody

A common misconception in North Carolina is that upon receiving a Permanent Child Custody Order, it will last until your child is eighteen years old. Even though the title has the word “permanent,” that is not always the case. North Carolina law provides a way to modify an ...

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  • Relocation and your Child

    During the course of a child’s minority, it is not uncommon for one parent to be faced with an opportunity, or need, to relocate from North Carolina. ...

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  • Fathers' Rights In Child Custody Matters

    Some divorced North Carolina fathers may find themselves struggling to maintain ongoing relationships with their children. They often face issues when ...

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  • Custody Disputes And Parental Consistency

    North Carolina residents who are considering divorce can benefit from remaining united when it comes to rules and boundaries for children. Parents who ...

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  • The Usefulness Of A Solid Parenting Plan

    North Carolina parents who are facing the end of their marriage may be suffering a great deal of emotional turmoil, but one way to reduce that is by ...

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  • Dealing With Child Custody Disputes

    One of the obstacles that divorced couples in North Carolina face is child custody issues. Even though it has already been decided during the divorce, ...

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  • Make Summer Easier With A Parenting Plan

    As many North Carolina parents know, summertime can be hectic and filled with trips and events for their kids. For divorced parents, it can be an ...

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  • Handling Parental Conflicts After Divorce

    Some divorced parents in North Carolina may still feel strong emotions about their former spouses. According to one study, about half of divorced ...

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  • Child Custody Issues May Be Contributing To Decline In Migration

    People from North Carolina and across the U.S. used to move around the country a lot more than they do today. According to studies, inter-state ...

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  • Many States Now Encourage Shared Parenting

    Family courts in North Carolina may be more likely to award joint custody to divorcing parents than they were in the past. Today, state governments ...

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  • Parental Alienation In Child Custody Disputes

    Some North Carolina parents who have gone through a bitter divorce may unfortunately be familiar with the term “parental alienation syndrome”. Coined ...

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  • Chris Brown In Custody And Support Battle

    North Carolina fans of singer Chris Brown might be aware that he has been in a custody battle with the mother of his daughter. The mother of ...

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  • The Importance Of A Parenting Plan During The Holidays

    Holidays can be difficult for North Carolina parents who are separated or newly divorced. If there are no provisions about holiday time in the ...

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  • How Judges Resolve Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

    When North Carolina parents are unable to resolve child custody or visitation disputes amicably, family law judges may be called upon to settle ...

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  • Substance Abuse And Child Custody In North Carolina

    High-profile child custody cases like that of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are currently involved in often get the attention of parents in ...

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  • Same-Sex Divorces Might Trigger Child Custody Issues

    North Carolina residents now enjoy the right to same-sex marriage, but marriages sometimes dissolve. With same-sex divorce likely part of the legal ...

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  • Study Examines Child Support And Non-Custodial Parents

    Researchers have collected data about a group of noncustodial fathers who are often derisively referred to as “deadbeat dads” because of their failure ...

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  • Children’s Health Appears To Benefit From Joint Custody

    North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce may be interested in the results of a recent Swedish study which analyzed the effects on ...

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  • Understanding child custody exchanges

    Coming to a resolution regarding child custody issues, especially those pertaining to custody exchanges, can result in some of the most combative ...

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  • Remember the child in child custody matters

    When those with children divorce, each parent likely considers what will be best for their offspring when going forward. However, each parent might ...

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  • Lifting the ban: how will it affect child custody and adoption?

    In last week’s blog post, we explained how a decision made in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals changed how North Carolinians defined marriage ...

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  • Determining who will be the custodial parent in a divorce

    It may not be difficult for North Carolina parents to guess that going through a divorce can be trying. However, they may not be prepared for the ...

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