The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Before going to court to finalize a North Carolina divorce, couples have an opportunity to work out their differences through divorce mediation. A neutral third-party mediator helps the parties—and their attorneys—resolve issues in order to reach a final agreement on amicable and respectful terms.

The main benefit of divorce mediation is giving couples full control of deciding their own terms, rather than having a judge determine the outcome of a divorce. They could agree to follow existing law or vary from it. The point is that things are not black and white in mediation as they are in traditional litigation.

 Additionally, there are other advantages for clients who wish to go through this process.

The following are the client benefits of divorce mediation in North Carolina:

  • Less costly – Compared to court litigation, mediation is substantially less expensive. While a mediated divorce costs up to $5,000 on average, a case that goes to court often costs three times higher—or even more if litigation involves depositions, expert witnesses, and increased attorney fees.
  • Less time-consuming – The purpose of mediation is to end disputes involved in divorce as fast as possible. Sessions can be arranged according to each spouse’s schedule, resulting in a quicker resolution that could take only a matter of weeks. When it comes to litigation, you are at the mercy of the court dockets and scheduling issues, meaning your case could last months or years.
  • More private – The mediation process is confidential, so neither the mediator or both spouses can share information addressed during the sessions or use it against each other. By contrast, litigation is held in a public courtroom, which means each spouse’s personal matters are available to the public.
  • Non-adversarial – The judge determines a winner and a loser, which means both sides typically “come out swinging” and maintain the combativeness throughout the court process. Mediation helps both parties voice their concerns and find mutual solutions that benefit each of them.
  • Better for the children – Divorce is hard on everyone involved, especially the children. Court litigation is typically hostile, which can make things worse for children. Since divorced couples must continue co-parenting their kids, they can learn to communicate better with one another through the mediation process.

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