Friends and Family May Not Provide the Best Advice in a Divorce


Virtually every divorced North Carolina individual knows that the decision to end a marriage can be fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Not knowing exactly how the divorce will play out can lead many people to seek advice from the people they trust the most — friends and family. Unfortunately, that can end up costing one or both parties in the long run.

The emotional support of family and friends is invaluable during such a life-altering and challenging event as a divorce. However, seeking advice from them regarding how to handle financial issues could be problematic. Most people do not share the intimate details of their financial lives with their friends and family. Without a clear understanding of the ramifications of certain decisions, the parties could end up losing a significant portion of the assets they spent their marriage building.

Many people turn to financial consultants for assistance in examining the couple’s current monetary situation and obtaining guidance regarding how best to proceed from that perspective. As for the legal considerations, it may not be in the parties’ best interest to allow the court to make financial decisions that will affect their futures. If the parties are able to work together to reach a settlement, they may be more satisfied with the results.

Everyone has an opinion on how a couple should proceed and who should receive what in the divorce. However, only a North Carolina couple can make the final decisions regarding how the marital assets will be divided. Putting aside differences in order to ensure that property division is fair and equitable to both parties may be the best way to ensure that the parties have the best possible start to their separate lives