What to Do After Being Bitten by a Dog

Dog showing his teeth

Many of us love dogs and get excited when given an opportunity to play with one, but not all of these instances end so well. A dog bite can lead to very serious injuries and other consequences. Just like any other injury, a dog bite can require medical attention and possibly create other trauma leading to new fears or life changes. A dog bite should not be taken lightly.

It is important to know that after a dog bite, there is legal action that you can take against the dog owner. A personal injury lawyer can help you to navigate this situation, but there are still important things you can do after the initial incident.

Step One: Gather as much information as you can about the dog and the owner.

The first thing to do is to try to find the owner of the dog. This may or may not go well and you should be prepared for either scenario. If this is not possible, take down the address where the dog was and try to figure out what type of dog it was. If you are able to talk to the owner, it can be important to try to figure out what type of vaccines the dog has received. This information can drastically change what type of medical services you may require. For example, you may need to undergo rabies shots, if the dog does not have their rabies vaccination.

It’s also very important to take photographs of the injury. It will be very useful for your case to have photos of the initial bite. You may also want to keep a journal or take photos of your recovery for a little bit after the attack. Taking less than five minutes a day to record what is happening can help you better articulate to an attorney what happened and what your needs are.

Step Two: Seek medical attention.

The next thing for you to do is to seek medical attention. Even if the injury itself it not too drastic, it can be important to seek attention as a precaution to infection. It can be impossible to know what diseases the dog may be carrying or what vaccines the dog has really gotten. The safest route is to get checked out.

Step Three: Report the dog bite.

After receiving medical help, it is very important to file a dog bite report. You should contact Animal Care and Control to file your report.

Step Four: Contact an attorney.

Last, it is imperative to call a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help ensure that you get what you need to heal, both physically and mentally. This will likely not be an easy time during your life and having someone else handling your case will take the burden off of your shoulders.

At Jetton & Meredith, we have skilled attorneys who practice in the field of personal injury law and have helped many clients who have been bitten by dogs. If you have been injured by a dog, please contact one of our lawyers.