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Going through a divorce does not always mean you have to end up court.

Alternative dispute resolution, also known as divorce mediation and arbitration, can be an effective tool for amicably resolving a family’s legal disputes. These techniques can achieve some of the best resolutions to your case by offering more expeditious and cost-effective means to resolving your dispute, without having to go before a judge. Each technique has its benefits for particular situations. So before assuming that your case will go to trial, you should discuss your situation with an experienced family law attorney at Jetton & Meredith.

Jetton & Meredith is a law firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals in a timely and cost-effective manner, while protecting and advocating their rights at all times. We have extensive experience using the techniques of negotiation, mediation and arbitration for our clients, in the event litigation can be avoided.

Mediation — Are You Interested in Resolving Your Dispute Without Costly Litigation?

In the mediation process, a mediator is a neutral third party hired to assist parties to resolve their case amicably. It is highly advisable for each party to have legal representation during the mediation session.

The mediator attempts to identify points of agreement between two parties, guiding them to a workable and mutually acceptable solution. This gives the parties more control over the eventual outcome, in that the specific needs of the parties can be addressed. By contrast, in litigation, all decisions are in the hands of a judge, and many times, neither party is satisfied.

Our attorneys have experience using mediation to develop family law solutions. We can explain the mediation process, review your situation and help you decide whether mediation or some other dispute resolution technique is right for you.

The Use Of Arbitration In Family Law

The arbitration process is governed by North Carolina’s Family Law Arbitration Act (NCGS 50-41). Based on the agreement of the parties to participate in arbitration, all issues arising out of the marital relationship, except for absolute divorce, can be arbitrated by the parties.

The parties select a neutral arbitrator who acts for all intents and purposes as a private judge. The arbitrator reviews evidence, hears arguments by the attorneys representing the parties and issues decisions. The arbitrator’s award or decision will then be taken to family court, where the judge will issue an order in conformity with the arbitrator’s decision, though the court does have the power to modify the terms of the arbitration decision.

While arbitration is similar to a trial in that the arbitrator’s decision is binding, it offers a more timely and informal approach. Some of the benefits of using arbitration include:

  • Flexibility in scheduling — The parties are not bound by the court’s schedule. The arbitration hearing will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for all.
  • Timely and efficient — The parties can obtain a resolution quicker than through a trial in family court.
  • Confidential — Arbitration occurs in a private office, not in court. This makes it ideal for use in divorces involving high-profile individuals such as politicians, athletes, entertainers and executives.

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