Substance Abuse And Child Custody In North Carolina


High-profile child custody cases like that of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are currently involved in often get the attention of parents in North Carolina and around the country who may be having similar issues. A parent who has recently been in rehab for substance abuse, as is the case with Disick, may wonder how a court will react to such a situation.

When substance abuse is part of the equation in a child custody case, the courts will look at several factors before making decisions. Family court judges will take into account the facts regarding a parent’s drug or alcohol difficulties. The family history will be revisited in detail, and the court will always consider the best interests of the child above the parents’ wishes. If a parent currently has disturbing drug or alcohol issues, the court may for example allow only supervised visits with his or her children for a time, or a parent might be subjected to drug testing in order to be granted visitation rights.

A typical custody dispute often ends with parents sharing legal custody and making joint decisions for their children. The bigger issue is usually defining the physical custody and visitation arrangements. If a mom or dad is found to be a suitable parent, the court will do its best to work out the details that allow children to continue their relationship with both parents.

Parents involved in child custody disputes might obtain help from a family law attorney who has experience with these matters. Over time, family and individual parental situations can change, and it may be possible for an attorney to assist in seeking a modification of the original order.