When Does Child Support End?


Child support is money paid by a parent for the purpose of meeting the reasonable needs of the parties’ minor child(ren) for the minor child(ren)’s health, education, and maintenance.

Child support can be arranged in several ways:

  1. Parents can agree on an amount for child support in a Separation Agreement
  2. Parents may sign a voluntary Consent Order, which provides for child support
  3. Child Support can be ordered by a Court.
  4. Child support can be arranged through the Child Support Enforcement Agency

You may ask the court to terminate child support when your child turns 18 years old and graduates from high school, whichever event occurs last.

Other reasons to ask the court to terminate child support may arise if the child is emancipated or is married before the age of 18.

Child support termination can be a difficult issue to navigate, and may require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. If you need legal advice or representation regarding terminating child support payments, please reach out to one of our skilled family law attorneys at Jetton & Meredith.