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Can the Same Divorce Attorney Represent Both Spouses?
Can the Same Divorce Attorney Represent Both Spouses?

If both spouses agree to divorce as well as the basic terms of dissolving the union, having one attorney finalize the paperwork seems like a good idea. On the surface, a single lawyer simplifies the process and saves money. Despite a couple’s alignment on the divorce issues, ...

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  • Can I Buy My Child a Gun for Christmas?

    A recent school shooting that resulted in the arrest of both the teen shooter and his parents has adults across the country wondering about their own ...

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  • When Does a Drug Crime Become a Federal Offense?

    All drug crimes in North Carolina carry serious penalties. From drug possession to distribution , those charged are looking at the possibility of time ...

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  • Should I Force My Child to Visit Their Non-Custodial Parent?

    Parental custody and visitation are among the most difficult aspects of divorce. Both parents want what is best for their children, but the adults can ...

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  • Drug Trafficking Has Nothing to Do with Intent

    If you look up the definition of trafficking, you will find that it means to “buy and sell” and “do business.” Knowing that, it would be ...

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  • Attorney Mark Jetton Discusses The Court System with WBTV News

    In an interview with WBTV News, Attorney Mark Jetton discusses court delays and the backlog within the Mecklenburg County court system due to ...

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  • What Can Be Expunged from My Criminal Record in NC?

    Most people realize that if they have been convicted of a crime, they will have a criminal record. What they may not realize is that dismissed charges ...

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  • Will I Get a Better Divorce Settlement Through Litigation?

    No matter the reasons behind your decision to divorce, you want a settlement that you think is fair. You don’t want your voice sidelined and wish to ...

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  • Can a DUI/DWI Prevent Me from Being Hired?

    When you are pulled over by law enforcement for suspected Driving While Impaired, your job prospects might not be the first worry on your mind. That’s ...

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  • What Divorced Parents Should Know About Child Tax Credits

    Millions of families began receiving in July advance payments of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), as made possible by the American Rescue Plan. According ...

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