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Best Approaches in Defending DWI Charges
Best Approaches in Defending DWI Charges

Without diving into the specifics of a DWI just yet...it should strongly understood that a person has a better opportunity in defending against a DWI when they invoke their right to remain silent. Simply put, Shut Up! That is not always the easiest thing to do because ...

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  • I’ve Been Charged with DWI… What Does BAC Mean?

    BAC, three letters that don’t mean a whole lot… unless you’re talking about driving while impaired. The concept of BAC is central to proving whether a ...

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  • Blow and Go

    Otherwise known as ignition interlock or in-car breathalyzer, the interlock is a testing device that is installed in your vehicle to measure the ...

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  • I got a BWI, Should I Blow?

    Over the summer, one of the most common charges is a BWI or boating while impaired. One of the most common questions from clients about this charge ...

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  • Driving After Consuming Alcohol When Under 21

    When you are under the legal drinking age, even consuming one sip of alcohol and getting behind the wheel can get you arrested. Under N.C.G.S. § ...

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  • An Overview of Underage Drinking Laws in North Carolina

    Young people will often seek out alcohol well below the legal drinking age of 21. Whether someone under 21 gets caught buying beer with a fake ID, ...

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  • Types of Sobriety Tests

    Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (Otherwise, known as a “HGN”) : Specifically, Nystagmus means an involuntary jerking of the eyes. Alcohol and other drugs ...

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  • Alcohol Tests in North Carolina DWI Cases

    DWI’s are some of the most common cases in the North Carolina Criminal Justice System. When charged with a DWI one of the most important pieces of ...

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  • Should You Blow?

    One of the questions we’re asked most frequently from people who have been charged with a DWI is, “should I have blown?” One of the questions we hear ...

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  • Common Misunderstandings with DWI Laws in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, one of the most common criminal charges is Driving While Impaired, or DWI. While DWI may be one of the most commonly charged crimes ...

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  • What You Need to Know About Boating While Impaired (BWI) Laws In North Carolina

    What You Need to Know About Boating While Impaired (BWI) Laws in North Carolina In 2016, North Carolina enacted Sheyenne’s Law in response to an ...

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  • I Refused The Breathalyzer, Can I Still Be Convicted Of DWI?

    Since the police have no numerical reading of your breath can you still be convicted of DWI? We are often asked about the choices one must make when ...

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  • The 3 Big Consequences of Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in a DWI Investigation

    You have been recently arrested for DWI and refused the breathalyzer test. What are the consequences of refusing the breathalyzer test? What are your ...

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  • Know The Consequences Of Underage Drinking In North Carolina

    Lawmakers, police and prosecutors take impaired driving extremely seriously in North Carolina and offenders, no matter their age, routinely face ...

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  • Two DWI bills pass in the North Carolina House, head to Senate

    Bills target DWI offenders with stiffer penalties and license restrictions The North Carolina House has passed two bills aimed at both first-time and ...

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