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I’ve Been Charged with DWI…  What Does BAC Mean?
I’ve Been Charged with DWI… What Does BAC Mean?

BAC, three letters that don’t mean a whole lot… unless you’re talking about driving while impaired. The concept of BAC is central to proving whether a driver is impaired. This article will discuss what BAC is, the science behind it, and why it is so important in driving ...

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Blog posts in July, 2023

  • Can Divorce Cause Childhood Trauma?

    It is widely known that divorce can be a challenging and emotionally charged experience for both partners involved. However, children also feel the ...

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  • What is Discovery and Why Don’t I Have It Yet? Disclosure of Evidence Laws in NC

    What is Discovery? When someone is arrested, one of the first things they will often ask is “where is the evidence?” Evidence gathered by the ...

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  • Changes to the Bond System in North Carolina

    North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper just signed a new bill into law that will greatly affect how some criminal defendants are processed in the criminal ...

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  • Blow and Go

    Otherwise known as ignition interlock or in-car breathalyzer, the interlock is a testing device that is installed in your vehicle to measure the ...

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  • 6 Mistakes to Avoid in a High-Asset Divorce

    Going through a divorce is already a challenging process, and the stakes are even higher when you’re going through a high-asset divorce. If you're ...

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  • 10 Things to know if you are being charged or investigated for Child Pornography

    You do NOT need to talk to the police One of the costliest decisions made by people who are charged with child pornography crimes, is the decision to ...

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  • 10 Things to Know About DWI

    The legal limit. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below a .08. If your BAC is .08 or more you can be charged with a DWI. If you have a ...

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  • Ten Things You Should Know When You are Accused of Sexual Assault

    You Should Never Speak to the Police Without an Attorney, Under Any Circumstances If you are accused of sexual assault, the police will usually want ...

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