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Crime Against Nature
Crime Against Nature

North Carolina’s sex offense laws and statutes are constantly changing. This makes it extremely difficult to determine whether or not you could be charged with rape or many of other serious sex crimes. Considerably, North Carolina sex cases are extremely complex and involve ...

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Blog posts in February, 2023

  • Domestice Violence in North Carolina

    Domestic violence is taken really seriously in the criminal justice system in North Carolina. People often mistakenly believe they have been charged ...

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  • No Contact Orders in Criminal Cases

    When you are charged with a crime of Domestic Violence, one of the first things that the Judge or magistrate who is setting your conditions of ...

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  • I Refused the Breath Test Now What?

    When someone has been charged with a DWI in North Carolina and refuses the breathalyzer test potential consequences arise. In North Carolina when ...

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  • Child Pornography Laws in North Carolina

    Like most states, North Carolina has made it illegal to make, distribute, or possess child pornography. North Carolina classifies these actions as ...

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  • Do I file a 50B Protective Order or a 50C Civil No-Contact Order?

    What is a 50B Domestic Violence Protective Order ? Under North Carolina General Statute § 50B-1, domestic violence means the commission of: Attempting ...

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  • I Took Out Criminal Charges Against My Spouse and I Don’t Want To Press Charges, What Happens Next?

    In North Carolina, a common scenario that prompts the prosecution of a domestic violence case is one where neither side wants to be involved or press ...

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  • Should I Talk to the Police?

    A police officer has made contact with you and wants to speak with you regarding an investigation where your name has come up. What should you do now? ...

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  • If I Was Arrested for a Domestic Violence Charge, Do I Have To Stay in Jail for 48 Hours?

    North Carolina General Statute § 15A-534.1. The simplest answer is NO. Why? A deep dive into North Carolina General Statute § 15A-534.1 – Crimes of ...

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  • I Sent a Nude Image to Someone Who Is a Minor, Am I in Trouble?

    While the laws surrounding receiving nude images from a minor are very clear and well-known, the laws around sending nude or explicit images to a ...

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