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Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse in North Carolina
Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse in North Carolina

Some of the most difficult situations in the North Carolina Justice System are crimes that involve child victims, this is made even more complicated when the person charged with the crime is that child’s parent. One of the most common charges under these facts are child ...

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Blog posts in October, 2023

  • Extortion

    Under North Carolina General Statute § 14-118.4, extortion, happens when any person threatens or communicates a threat or threats to another with the ...

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  • Having No Bond in North Carolina

    I Looked Up Charges and There Is “No Bond,” How Can I Get a Bond? In North Carolina, a variety of new laws have created many situations where someone ...

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  • What Injuries Can You Get from a Slip & Fall?

    What Injuries Can You Get from a Slip & Fall? Slip and falls happen more commonly than we might think. In fact, they account for over 8 million ...

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  • Limited Driving Privileges in N.C.

    A driving privilege allows a driver with a revoked license to drive under certain enumerated circumstances. A “limited driving privilege” is a ...

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  • North Carolina’s New Bond Policies and Procedures

    The conditions of release, or bond, is the first step in the justice system for any criminal case. All cases from misdemeanor reckless driving to 1 st ...

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  • Can I Keep My House in a Divorce?

    The answer to this question is not so straightforward. The true answer is, it depends. Let’s first start by discussing what happens to property in a ...

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  • How Long Do I Have to Pay Alimony?

    Alimony is the payment of money by the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse after the separation of the parties. The purpose of alimony is to ...

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  • Can I Modify My Child Custody Order?

    Once child custody has been determined, either through a Consent Order or an order given by a Judge, the child custody schedule may be modifiable. ...

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  • Can I Modify my Child Support Order?

    Either parent may request a modification of child support from the Court. Similar to modification of child custody, modification of child support ...

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