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Domestice Violence in North Carolina
Domestice Violence in North Carolina

Domestic violence is taken really seriously in the criminal justice system in North Carolina. People often mistakenly believe they have been charged with domestic violence. Domestic violence is actually not a specific crime but rather a category or umbrella that defines ...

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Blog posts in Violent Crimes

  • Man Arrested for Attempted Murder, Mass Violence Threats

    Authorities announced the arrest of a man accused of violent crimes . Tyson Corpening allegedly shot a park ranger and threw a rock with a hate-speech ...

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  • Violent Crimes Are Up in Charlotte So Far in 2022

    The first half of 2022 saw an increase in violent crimes, according to the latest statistics released by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department . ...

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  • Firing Squad Not a Death Penalty Option in NC

    North Carolina is among about half the states in this country that still allow the death penalty for certain convictions. Our neighbor South Carolina ...

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  • What’s the Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter?

    Homicide is a general term used when the death of a person is caused by another. The specific criminal charge depends on the circumstances and the ...

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  • Can I Buy My Child a Gun for Christmas?

    A recent school shooting that resulted in the arrest of both the teen shooter and his parents has adults across the country wondering about their own ...

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  • What Does it Mean to be Charged with Assault on a Female and How is that Different from Regular Assault?

    There are three elements that must be met to be charged with assault on a female. The first element is that an assault must have occurred. This ...

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  • North Carolina Consent Law in Sexual Assault

    According to North Carolina Governor Cooper’s office, 35 percent of all women become victims of some type of violence from their partners during their ...

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  • Assault on a Female in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, assault charges are usually broken down into two groups; felony and misdemeanor assaults. One of the most serious misdemeanor ...

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  • North Carolina Assault by Strangulation

    In North Carolina there are many different types of assault charges, ranging from misdemeanor simple assault, all the way up to felony assault ...

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  • North Carolina Domestic Violence Protective Order Violation

    One of the most common domestic violence crimes in a violation of a Domestic Violence Protective Order (“DVPO”) , commonly referred to as a ...

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