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Termination of Child Support
Termination of Child Support

In North Carolina, parents have a duty to provide support for their children. However, when child support payments are ordered, the non-custodial parent often wants to know when those payments will end. Under the North Carolina Statute, the support of a child shall terminate ...

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  • Modifying Child Support in Separation Agreement

    Children are often a primary concern for those going through a divorce. As a result, some a couples look to enter into a separation agreement. A ...

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  • Trespassing in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, the term trespassing carries several different connotations and possible repercussions. North Carolina differentiates between four ...

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  • Marital Misconduct Impact on Alimony

    In North Carolina, the law governing alimony is North Carolina General Statute § 50-16.3A. The alimony statute addresses marital misconduct as ...

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  • Common Misunderstandings with DWI Laws in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, one of the most common criminal charges is Driving While Impaired, or DWI. While DWI may be one of the most commonly charged crimes ...

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  • North Carolina Probation Violations

    One of the most common punishments after a criminal conviction in North Carolina is being placed on probation. There are two kinds of probation in ...

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  • Physical versus Legal Custody

    In North Carolina, the child custody law is governed by North Carolina General Statute § 50-13.1, which states: “Any parent, relative, or other ...

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  • Attorney Mark Jetton Reviews Legal Responsibility in Concord Drunk Driver Case with WBTV News

    Criminal Defense attorney Mark Jetton discusses North Carolina law as it pertains to legal responsibility in drunk driving cases. The WBTV News story ...

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  • The Theft Crime of Larceny in North Carolina

    In North Carolina there are several different types of theft-related crimes, ranging from the lowest level misdemeanors, such as misdemeanor ...

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  • Alienation of Affection

    North Carolina is one of the few remaining states that still recognizes a claim called ‘Alienation of Affection’. This claim allows a spouse to file a ...

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