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What Is a Plea Bargain?
What Is a Plea Bargain?

If you have been accused of a crime, it can be an overwhelming experience. You may feel scared and confused as to what your next steps should be. One option that is available to many defendants is the possibility of a plea bargain. But what exactly is a plea bargain? How ...

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Blog posts in June, 2023

  • Can I Keep Gifts in My Divorce?

    Divorce can be a stressful and emotional endeavor, especially when it comes to deciding how to divide your shared property. Even when a divorce is ...

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  • What do I do if the Police Interview or Question Me?

    First and foremost, anytime law enforcement wants to conduct an interview or “ask you a couple questions,” ask to speak to an attorney. Most ...

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  • Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter Charges in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, some killings are prosecuted as murder while others are charged as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. What do those charges ...

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  • The Title IX Process in North Carolina Colleges

    One of the most serious situations that North Carolina college students can find themselves in is when they are facing allegations of violence against ...

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  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor In North Carolina

    Not all charges related to child pornography are prosecuted at the federal level. A handful of these cases remain in state court where they are ...

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  • Mail and Wire Fraud: Brief Overview

    Chapter 63 of Title 18 of the United States Code lays out a number of fraud offenses. The two that will be explained below are mail and wire fraud. ...

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  • Indecent Liberties in North Carolina

    Some of the most serious and most difficult cases in the justice system are sex-related offenses that involve child victims. These crimes all carry ...

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  • I got a BWI, Should I Blow?

    Over the summer, one of the most common charges is a BWI or boating while impaired. One of the most common questions from clients about this charge ...

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  • Domestic Violence its OWN Crime Now

    Currently in North Carolina, there is not a charge for domestic violence. However, there are charges like assault on a female or simple assault. ...

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