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DWI Checkpoints in North Carolina
DWI Checkpoints in North Carolina

One of the most common situations that gives rise to a DWI charge is when someone drives through a checkpoint. These checkpoints are often operated at specific times and specific locations in order to catch a large number of drivers. If you happen upon a checkpoint and are ...

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  • Best Approaches in Defending DWI Charges

    Without diving into the specifics of a DWI just yet...it should strongly understood that a person has a better opportunity in defending against a DWI ...

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  • I’ve Been Charged with DWI… What Does BAC Mean?

    BAC, three letters that don’t mean a whole lot… unless you’re talking about driving while impaired. The concept of BAC is central to proving whether a ...

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  • Blow and Go

    Otherwise known as ignition interlock or in-car breathalyzer, the interlock is a testing device that is installed in your vehicle to measure the ...

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  • Should I Blow?

    We are asked numerous times (sometimes in the middle of the night) if I should blow when there is a suspicion of a person driving while impaired. To ...

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  • I just got a DWI, what is going to happen to my license?

    One of the most common questions we see in DWI cases is what is going to happen to my license? There are several different stages in the process of a ...

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