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What is a Contested Divorce?
What is a Contested Divorce?

Getting a divorce can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Contested divorces create an entire new array of emotions. A divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. With amicable spouses, most terms of the divorce may be agreed upon through negotiation, mediation, and the ...

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  • A Calculator May Be a Best Friend in Dividing Marital Property

    When people in North Carolina decide to end their marriage, most couples — with or without children — begin to focus on what property each party will ...

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  • Is Inheritance Subject to Equitable Distribution?

    Equitable Distribution is the process by which the law in North Carolina instructs judges to distribute equitably upon divorce, all property, legally ...

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  • Active and Passive Appreciation on Marital Property

    In North Carolina, the law which governs the dividing of assets and debts is North Carolina General Statute § 50-20. Your property can be classified ...

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  • What Is The Marital Gift Exemption And How Does It Work?

    What is the Marital Gift Exception When Going Through a Divorce (For Purposes of Equitable Distribution)? Going through a divorce can be a difficult ...

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  • Top 10 Ways Assets Get Divided In Divorce That May Surprise You

    In the United States, forty to fifty percent of marriages will ultimately end in divorce. Sadly, once you have made the difficult decision to end the ...

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  • Unequal Distribution – 6 Ways Property Gets Divided Unequally In Divorce

    Over the course of a marriage, a couple, both individually and together, acquires property. In legal terms, “property” essentially means anything of ...

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  • Detecting Fraud During North Carolina Divorces

    During a divorce, it is common to feel sad, angry or hurt by the other spouse. In some cases, these feelings may lead to suspicion of financial fraud. ...

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  • Dealing With A Mortgage During Divorce Proceedings

    Many North Carolina couples who are going through a divorce are probably also faced with many financial challenges, especially if they have a ...

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  • Ensuring equitable distribution when one spouse keeps the home

    In many North Carolina divorce cases — especially those involving children — one party decides he or she wants to keep the marital home. Ensuring an ...

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  • Getting Beyond Emotions in Property Division

    It might be difficult to find anyone in North Carolina who would not agree that ending a marriage is fraught with emotion. Many people become so ...

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